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Sometimes your chosen keyword doesn’t quite work out. We have learned from Amazon to follow the data and we will make changes with you.

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Launch the same product for a new keyword or launch the same product in a new market or launch a new product in the same market. We get it done.

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Frequently Asked Questions


We have always launched our own products without doing giveaways, using PPC only. We will show you how to do it, and be with you each step of the way. It’s not only about how fast you rank, it’s about if you are able to maintain that rank afterwards. This is where a targeted PPC campaign will win each time over giveaways.


It’s easy to set up a PPC campaign but it’s all about relevancy. Relevant keywords bring sales, irrelevant keywords eat up your budget. So it’s important to ‘audit’ your advertising sales reports and make changes to these keywords. We do this for you, weekly, for 30 days. We analyse your advertising report and make recommendations on what changes to make to optimize your ACOS.


We recommend to start with 1 -3 keywords. To see if our service really delivers, and check if Amazon buyers organically buy your products. You may speak to our live online consultants for more advice.


The Golden Questions! In a nutshell, we will help you to choose whether to target a “high sales – high competition” keyword, which will require you to sell more units but brings in more sales to you once you rank, OR, a “lesser competitive” keyword, which will require a lower number of sales but is often easier to maintain your rank on Page 1. Click on our live support chat, and our friendly staff will talk you through on your own specialized launch strategy.


We can have your promotion underway in less than 24 hours, depending on how quickly we get the information we need from you.


The Amazon A9 algorithm is always changing – so nothing is guaranteed. However, the basic principle of those products that sell more and get high rank will always holds. Our promotions had always helped sellers to improve their rank.


During the initial ‘Launch’ period, the aim is to get your sponsored ad to page 1. Once your sponsored ad is on page 1, buyers need to start buying your product. You now need to start outselling your competitors in order for your organic rank to move up. If you don’t maintain the equivalent organic sales of your competitors, then it will slowly lose rank over time. This is where an optimized listing is so important. We suggest that your price, photographs and listing (title and bullet points) must always be optimised.


Yes we do! Join our Affiliate Program and EARN up to 25% commission from every friend or subscriber that you refer to us.